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Southwestern Community Action Council is a community action agency in Huntington, WV that serves counties of Cabell, Lincoln, Mason.

Dan Hardy is 25 years old, and has always worked in various carpentry and roofing jobs, and became unemployed a year ago.  He was looking for work but had been unsuccessful until he was called for an interview with the weatherization program at Southwestern.  He knew there were a lot of people who had applied for these jobs, but by receiving a call, he considered his luck in job search contacts had changed.  Mr. Hardy was hired as a weatherization crew technician and said he likes working for the program.  He is once again financially able to provide for his wife and daughter.  He sees a promising future with Southwestern Community Action.  Mr. Hardy soon will be interviewed for the vacant position of Weatherization Crew Supervisor.

Note:  The Department of Energy picked up Dan's story and published it at



James Noe, married with a wife and son, has been unemployed for over a year, gone to various job interviews, and had almost given up looking for work when he was called in for an interview at the agency for a Weatherization Crew Technician position. He said he does not know how long he will be employed at Southwestern with the ARRA monies, but feels in the length of time he has been with the agency, he feels the weatherization work is rewarding and he is learning new skills.  He did not know the Weatherization Assistance Program existed until he applied for the job. 


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