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 Emergency Solutions Grant Program

Over $1.5 million in federal Emergency Solutions Grants funding is distributed to West Virginia homeless shelters to provide transitional housing programs, permanent house placement assistance, homeless prevention & rapid re-housing programs, emergency accommodation vouchers, food pantries, physical and mental health care programs. substance abuse assistance, drop-in centers, domestic violence shelters, educational assistance, life skills tutoring, case management, and HIV/AIDS specific programs.  ESG funding is used to prevent low and extremely low income families and individuals from becoming homeless.  In situations where families or individuals were experiencing homelessness, the emergency shelter or housing needs were addressed in turn, making the transition into permanent housing and independent living possible.

The ESG program provides funding to: 
        - engage homeless individuals and families living on the street 
        - improve the number and quality of emergency shelters for individuals and families         
        - help operate these shelters
        - provide essential services to shelter residents 
        - rapidly re-house homeless individuals and families 
        - prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless