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 Appalachian Power Gives Money

Wednesday, May 19, 2011

Appalachian Power donated $500,000 to the West Virginia Community Action Partnership Wednesday to help low-income residents save money on their power bills.  All 55 counties in the state are covered by 10 weatherization companies ** which make up the partnership.

Coalfield Community Action Partnership covers Boone, Mingo, Clay and Kanawha counties.  Derek Edwards works as a weatherization technician for Coalfield.  He says the money will be used to get a lot of work done.  "We go in and we do basic weatherization measures, which is insulation, air sealing, tune furnaces," Edwards said.  "We just like to lover people's electricity, gas bills."

Power company officials presented the donation in Sissonville Wednesday where Edwards was already getting to work. He says residents will see the benefits of Appalachian Power's donation.  "The money will help anything from replacing refrigerators," Edwards said.  "We meter refrigerators that are over 10 years old.  Refrigerators are a constant on your electric bill.  They're always running." Edwards says when those refrigerators run at more than 1.5 kilowatts per hour, technicians will replace the appliance.  With the additional money, Edwards says he hopes Coalfield can build off the weatherization programs it has provided over the years.  He says last year was the busiest yet, "I think last year we had 347 homes that we did weatherization work on in Kanawha and Clay counties," he said.  "We do a lot of good for the community."

    (**Correction:  16 Community Action Agencies comprise the membership of the West Virginia Community Action Partnership, which serves West Virginia; of those 16 CAAs, 12 provide weatherization services in some or all of the Appalachian Power Company/Wheeling Power Company service areas.)